What's The Difference Between Grabba and Fronto?

What's The Difference Between Grabba and Fronto?

A Brief Overview of Fronto and Grabba Leaves

Fronto leaf tobacco and Grabba leaf tobacco are extremely popular in Jamaica, the Caribbean islands, and urban centers throughout the United States. The use of this type of tobacco leaf was first popularized by Jamaican culture before it spread through the island of the world and the US.

Natural tobacco leaves such as Grabba leaf and the Fronto leaf can be used to create premium blunts that burn extremely slow and taste authentic. When you use whole leaves as blunt wraps, you’ll be able to access all-natural tobacco flavors and smoking satisfaction like nothing else. Alternatively, these leaves can often be ground up and smoked alone or with premium herbal products for a superior smoking experience.


Fronto Leaf VS Grabba Leaf

The only difference between Fronto and Grabba leaves is that Grabba leaves are mainly crushed and used inside of cigars, cigarettes, and pipes, while Fronto leaves can be crushed and used inside as well as wrapped outside for cigars. The whole leaves that pass as "wrapper" grade are known as Fronto leaf where as those which fail in it are known as Grabba leaf. 

Fronto leaf is harvested at the peak of perfection. Usually, these leaves are individually inspected before and after being prepped using a unique type of air-drying or curing process. When Fronto leaves are inspected and graded, they’re carefully checked for holes and flaws. This means that no imperfections will be accepted. Since they’re pliable and tough with no holes or flaws at all, they are perfect for rolling fresh tobacco or premium green goodness. Each whole leaf is large, beautiful and flawless and can hold a ton of tobacco or bud. Making them the perfect high-quality natural, tasty, and slow-burning real leaf wrapper choice that you’ll get the smooth subtle flavor you crave in every single puff.

Grabba leaf is the Jamaican name for a Fronto leaf tobacco that is dark, thick, and packs a punch when smoked. Grabba leaves are often shredded into bits and burned in a blend. Inspection of these leaves is a little liberal because these leaves will be ultimately crushed, so 100% perfection of the leaf is not mandatory.

Generally, Fronto leaves are considered to be of higher quality than Grabba leaves, however, it does not mean that Grabba leaf is bad and Fronto leaf is good. Technically, Grabba leaves are a type of Fronto leaf. It all comes down to how you plan to use these particular leaves. Will you be crushing them or using them as a blunt wrapper? If a leaf is big enough to roll something in it, then it can be used as Fronto. But if the leaf is small or crucified or curly, basically cannot be used as a wrapper, then it is grabba. 

In the end, they are not different things, they are just different in their usage. Fronto leaf can be used in both ways, as a wrapper and filler. Grabba leaf is not a wrapper as most Grabba leaves are not in a shape that can be used as a wrapper.


Dragon Fronto Leaf

Dragon Fronto Leaf are premium, dark, thick leaves that can be used for both wrapper and filler. With a large, perfect whole leaf, you get to decide how much you use and what you use it for. Plus, with our wide-selection of flavors and our innovative infusion of terpenes, prepare to elevate your experience!

Here at Dragon Fronto Leaf LLC, we believe that every consumer deserves to enjoy high-quality tobacco leaf wrappers. Thus, as one of the leading tobacco leaf wrapper distributors in Rockaway, New Jersey, we strive to make our products as tasteful and reliable as possible.


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